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9.4 General Instructions for the Administration of the Police Captain and Police Major/Deputy Chief Examinations

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Administering Police Officer Examinations

The examinations for Police Captain and Police Major/Deputy Chief consist of an Informational Supplement to Application form to be completed by the applicant (also known as a Modified Education and Experience exam).  Applicants are asked to supply information regarding work experience and education.  The monitor should issue the examination upon completion of the employment application and after determination that the applicant has met the minimum qualifications of the appropriate classification.

Informational Supplement to Application for Police Captain, Police Major/Deputy Chief

An Informational Supplement to Application (Modified Education and Experience examination) is a document completed by each applicant listing the applicant's/employee's education, experience and special credentials/qualifications (licenses, etc.). The Human Resource office uses a Rating Sheet to assign specific points to each section of the completed Informational Supplement. To determine an appropriate rating for each examination, a review of a résumé, cover letter, university/agency official employment application, college transcript, copies of license/certification and any other relevant material may be required.

The final rating of the Informational Supplement accounts for 100% of the entire examination score. Applicants must achieve a minimum score of 70 points in order to pass the examination.

Preliminary Requirements

Verify the identity of each applicant by viewing driver’s license, state identification, etc. or other issued picture identification.

  • If an applicant arrives after the allowable admittance time has elapsed, you may reschedule, allow the applicant to complete the Supplement, or disqualify the applicant.
  • If an applicant refuses to present identification or presents improper identification, the applicant must be disqualified.

Examination Administration

  1. Test monitors should strictly follow the directions to Placement Officers for Administering Informational Supplement to Application when administering this examination. Since only the completed sections can be evaluated by the graders, monitors should make sure that each applicant understands and realizes the importance of following the directions and completing the entire examination. The applicant may ask the monitor to clarify any section on the examination. All certificates or documents used to validate education/training applicable to this examination must be verified by reviewing the actual document or obtaining a copy of the document. If these documents are not available at the time of examination, the applicant should present this information to Human Resources office within 24 hours.

    The Informational Supplement should only be provided to those applicants who have met the Minimum Acceptable Qualifications. Applicants are encouraged to use copies of transcripts, résumés, and/or other verification of education/training/employment to assist in completing these Forms. Applicants may submit résumés and/or official school transcripts in lieu of completing the first four pages of this examination by writing “See Résumé” or “See Transcript” in the appropriate place on the Informational Supplement, if such documents have been provided to Human Resources office at the time of the examination. All certificates or documents used to validate education/experience applicable to this examination must be verified and current at the time of the examination.

    Topics covered in the Informational Supplement include:

    • University/College Courses
    • Military and/or Police Training
    • Work and Supervisory Experience related to Law Enforcement/Police/Safety or Security

Revised 7/16/2008