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7.5 Directions for Evaluating Weighted Ratings of Training and Experience

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Administering Training and Experience Examinations

For examinations which include a Weighted Rating of Training and Experience, there are special instructions for the applicant and special evaluation sheets for the rater.

Each qualification or trait to be rated appears on a separate rating sheet for the class, and is assigned a maximum weight for its relative value.

The rater reviews the duties and minimum qualifications set forth in the class specification.

The computation of the score is an addition of the weights allotted plus the minimum entrance qualification score of 70. This total is multiplied by whatever percentage of weight is given to the rating.

Many classes have alternate qualifications. The examinations shall be evaluated by the first alternative on the evaluation sheet by which the applicant becomes qualified.

Issued 1/1/1999