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7.2 Guidelines for Evaluating Experience for Long and Short Forms

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Administering Training and Experience Examinations

The rater shall review the class specification to determine the nature of the duties and responsibilities of the class.

In determining the relative value of listed experience to a given class, the rater shall rely on his/her judgment. In the evaluation the similarity of the work performed to the duties and responsibilities of the class, level of responsibility, supervisory duties, size and complexity of the operation, duration of extent of training or experience, and other measures which might help the rater reach a sound conclusion shall be considered.

Descriptions of related experience shall be clear, complete, and accurate to receive full credit. Give comparable credit for related part-time experience.

When experience is less than 15 days (or half a month), credit is not given. When experience is 15 days or more, one month of credit is allowed.

The rater shall clearly indicate in red pen on the side of the training and experience page being evaluated the experience for which credit is allowed and the experience which is considered of no value to the class. He/She shall also indicate the level of experience, the amount (years and months and/or percentage of the total allowable), and those items for which additional credit is allowed.

In cases requiring a Request for Prior Approval of Compensatory Qualification(s) for Examination form, the deduction of training or experience shall be made in accordance with the procedures.

Credit for experience shall be computed as on the next page:

Issued 1/1/1999