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7.1 Procedures for Administering Training and Experience Examinations

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Administering Training and Experience Examinations

Ratings of all types of training and experience shall be completed at the examination centers. Exceptions to this policy shall be approved by the System Office. The training and experience history cannot be returned to the applicant or to the testing office for use on another examination for which the applicant might apply. The System Office does not object to the testing office making a photographic copy of the history (before scoring) to use for additional examinations.

A Statement of Training and Experience, completed by the applicant, shall accompany each examination which requires such a Statement. Exceptions must be approved by the System Office.

The applicant shall be given the “Statement of Training and Experience” with Supplement A (Long), B (Short), or C with Special Instructions and/or Questions. For examinations which have special questionnaires, the applicant is not required to complete the Statement.

The monitor shall read to the applicant or be sure that he/she reads the NOTICE printed at the top of the Statement.

The applicant shall be instructed to read the INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING EXPERIENCE HISTORY printed on the reverse side of the Statement.

The monitor shall stress the importance of the applicant furnishing complete and accurate information for it is this information upon which the score will be based. Only that which is furnished can be rated. The rater shall determine from this information what the applicant did, and how it was done, as well as the work’s relative worth to the class and level of responsibility involved.

EXAMPLE: Military work experience shall be explained completely since it may be of value to the class for which the applicant is writing the examination; however, if the experience is listed only by dates there is insufficient information to evaluate.

EXAMPLE: Specialized training in vocational institutions, factory training courses, military services school, etc. may be very valuable training for the class for which he/she is writing, but should be described in order that the relationship or value may be determined.

Unrelated experience acquired fifteen or more years ago may be summarized.

Caution: Seemingly unrelated experience might be of value to the applicant due to its level of responsibility or supervisory aspects.

Educational background and other training shall be given completely since certain class specifications require specific courses, and others call for “emphasis on scientific courses,” etc.

The applicant shall be instructed to give all dates of employment in days, months, and years. Credit can be given only for the exact amount of time listed.

Issued 1/1/1999