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5.13 Civil Service Exam Challenge Procedure

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Administering and Scoring Examinations

Applicant/candidate completes the Exam Challenge Form during the testing period or immediately following the completion of the exam and gives it to the testing monitor.  If at a later time/date the applicant/candidate wants to challenge a question(s), ask him/her to follow the procedures for contacting the University System Office as listed below.  (NOTE:  If the applicant/candidate has written his/her concerns on other paper, attach to the form.  Make sure the applicant/candidate completes the form in its entirety by listing the requested information i.e. the exam question number challenged, reference(s) to support the challenge or explanation as to why the question is being challenged, and include his/her name, email and address.)  See Example 5.13a

The University System Office will respond in writing to the applicant’s/candidate’s question(s)/concern(s) only if the requested information is listed. Exam Question Challenges will not be reviewed without legitimate reasoning/references or if statements of opinion or attitude such as “this is a dumb question” are included.

If applicable, the testing monitor may include comments and observations about the challenged question(s), such as applicant/candidate will provide reference at a later date.

Grade the exam following standard procedures. (This includes posting the score on your employment register. If a change needs to be made to the score based on the findings of the challenge, the University System Office will send out corrected scores.)

Send the Exam Question Challenge form to the University System Office. Include all testing material, exam, scratch paper, System Answer Sheet, etc. The University System Office will provide a written response to the applicant/candidate and to the place of employment where the challenge originated.

If the applicant/candidate would prefer to contact the University System directly, (mail or email), the following information must be included:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-Mail
  • Title of Exam
  • Form of the Exam (paper (i.e., Form A, B, Alternate) vs. E-Test)
  • Exam/ID Number
  • University/Agency
  • Date of Exam
  • Explanation why question is being challenged
  • Cite source: reference, book or article using to support his/her challenge

Revised 8/1/2017