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5.6 Giving Instructions to the Applicant

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Administering and Scoring Examinations

Before the examination begins, the monitor shall explain all instructions. The monitor shall furnish the applicant with the appropriate answer sheet. Specific instructions for the correct use of the System Answer Sheet follow. If the examination is to be translated into a foreign language, the Employer shall select a person other than a relative or a close friend of the applicant, to perform the translation. A monitor authorized by the Employer shall administer the examination with the assistance of a translator. A Statement of Monitor Assistance form must be completed and attached to examination materials. See Example 5.5a

Some examinations require that a passing score be made for certain screen-out sections to achieve a total passing score. The monitor shall explain such scoring procedures to the applicants before the examination begins. The examination materials or EXAMINING INSTRUMENTS BY CLASS designate minimum passing scores.

The following statement shall be read to applicants: If you have taken the exam for this classification at any State Universities Civil Service System place of employment within the past 30 days, please see the monitor prior to completing your examination.

The monitor shall supply additional paper, if needed, but all such paper issued must be collected and appended to the completed examination.

Issued 1/1/1999