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2.2 Verification of Educational Requirements

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Admission of Applicants

The Employer is responsible for verifying that an applicant meets the minimum educational qualifications required for the classification for which application for examination is made.

Questions relating to acceptance of credits from a secondary school or an institution of higher education shall be directed to the university's admissions office. If the Employer's admissions office will grant credit for any or all of the education completed, it has been the recommendation of the System to grant this credit for admission to Civil Service examinations.

In verifying minimum educational qualifications, the Employer shall request that the applicant furnish transcripts and/or diplomas from educational institutions.

General Education Development Test (GED Test)
Applicants lacking high school graduation from an accredited high school, who otherwise meet the minimum qualifications for the class, may compensate for the lack of high school graduation by passing the General Education Development (GED) Test.

Renumbered 7/29/2003