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1.6 Review of Examinations

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: General Duties and Responsibilities of the Employer

  1. General Duties and Responsibilities of the Employer

    An applicant/candidate’s initial step in appealing his/her examination score is to contact his/her respective employer immediately following receipt of the Notice of Examination Score. The DER has the right to explain how a particular score was achieved. See Example 1.6a

    If an applicant/candidate requires further explanation regarding his/her examination score, he/she may contact the University System Office by email or by U.S. mail. The total time limit for contacting the employer and the University System is within 30 days after receiving the Notice of Examination Score.

  2. Paper Exams

    An applicant/candidate may receive a breakdown or recheck of his/her score for written (paper) exams by contacting the University System Office. The following information must be provided:

    • A copy of the response sent by the Human Resource(s) Office
    • Applicant's Name
    • Email Address
    • Date of Exam
    • Exam Number
    • Requests for breakdown or recheck
  3. Requests for Breakdown of exam questions, Recheck of examination scoring
    • Breakdown - Examination is divided into general categories of the exam questions i.e. Filing, Grammar, Mathematics, etc.
    • Recheck - Examination is rescored by hand to confirm exam was scored properly. The findings are shared with the applicant/candidate and Human Resource Office, i.e. "Score was found to be correct" or "Change in score made from _______ to ________."

    NOTE: Only one breakdown per classification unless the examination has an Alternate Form and the applicant takes the Alternate Form.

  4. E-Test

    The Notification of Score distributed by the human resource(s) office, includes a breakdown of the examination score and/or categories in the electronic test (E-Test). No further breakdowns or rechecks will be provided by the University System Office.

  5. Revised 8/1/2017