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1.3 Scheduling Examinations

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: General Duties and Responsibilities of the Employer

The Statute provides for an open and continuous examining program. Upon application, a qualified applicant should be scheduled to write the examination for the classifications selected at the earliest available date, preferably within 15 days. However, an open and continuous testing program allows Employers to set priorities and develop policies in managing testing schedules that provide for a variation in testing schedules for different classifications based on local operational and employment requirements, as long as all examinations for the classifications utilized at that employment location are offered on a regular and recurring basis. This may include testing schedules that allow for more frequent testing of some classifications that have multiple vacancies and continuous turnover, or less frequent testing of some classifications that have virtually little turnover and no vacancies over an extended period of time.

Examinations shall be conducted on an open and continuous basis, except for examinations to Original Entry registers at each place of employment, as requested by the University System employer and approved by the Executive Director of the University System, that have a sufficient number of candidates on the register which preclude further recruitment and testing. (See Example 1.3a for request form.)

Applicants shall be advised at the time the examination is scheduled to bring résumé, transcripts, certificates, and other background information which would be helpful to them when completing the examination.

Revised 10/16/2006